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Some frequently asked question by parents and children of the OHFCL!

1. I registered my player for football, what should I expect next?

Make sure the full registration fee is paid prior to June 15th to receive the early registration discount. If payment in full is not received by June 15th then the early discount will not apply and your registration fee will be $275.00.

All registration fees must be paid prior to your child being issued football equipment by the OHFCL.

Stay hydrated and get ACTIVE this summer!! Players have a month to condition before games, but it is always a good plan to be active and exercise prior to practice beginning.

2. Does the OHFCL need a copy of my child's birth certificate.

Yes. Make sure you present your child's original birth certificate and a copy to the OHFCL board. A board member will validate the original and then sign and date the copy. The OHFCL will retain the signed copy for our records. Your player cannot participate in the Jamboree or Games without a copy on file. No exceptions.

3. What equipment is covered in the registration fees and what will I need to provide?

OHFCL PROVIDES: helmet, guardian cap, chin strap, shoulder pads, jersey, game pants and pads, game socks, and practice pants (with full payment of registration fees). The gear issue and fitting event(s) are mandatory attendance, and we will have several dates available for you to attend beginning in mid July. You will be notified in advance by email.

GEAR NOT PROVIDED BY OHFCL: practice jersey, girdle, mouth piece, football cleats, and gloves (if your player chooses to use them).

IMPORTANT: Once your helmet has been issued, please have your player wear his/her helmet for 15-30 minutes a day, prior to practice beginning, to get used to the feel and tightness of it. This is one of the biggest complaints from players the first few weeks - the "helmet headache". This "uncomfortable" feeling should go away after intital break-in period. If not, please speak to your coach about this.

4. When will we receive our equipment?

Gear issue is typically the week prior to the start of pratice. Each division (age group) will have a specific day assigned for gear issue to speed up the process (typically Monday- Seniors, Tuesday-Juniors, Wednesday-Midgets, Thursday- PeeWees and Friday is the last day of gear issue and that day is open to everyone). Your account must be paid in full to receive gear.

5. Can I use my own equipment?

Yes. However, all equipment must be NOCSAE certified and kept current on re-certification. Documentation must be provided, which will be then approved by the OHFCL Equipment Manager before use.

6. What days and where will practices be held?

The Oak Harbor Football and Cheer League is a proud member of the North Cascade Youth Football League (NCYFL). The NCYFL allows leagues to practice 5 days a week until the week before school starts and 3 days a week during school. Typically, practices run from 5-8pm prior to school starting and then 5-7pm after the start of school.

All teams in the OHFCL practice at the Fort Nugent Park complex.

7. What to expect at practice?

BE ON TIME! If your player is not on time, it takes away from the effectiveness of the team. ALWAYS call or text your team parent or coach if you will miss practice or if you will be late. During game season, lack of attendance or consistent lateness may affect play time in game.

HYDRATE before, during, and after practice!

Get proper REST! Not enough rest affects ability and motivation.

THE FIRST THREE DAYS of practice are non-contact - NO exceptions or waivers. The OHFCL has acclimatization programs to get players used to the equipment. All teams will follow the plan. Day 1: Shorts, helmet and guardian cap. Day 2: Shorts, shoulder pads, helmet, and guardian cap. Day 3: Full football gear (no player contact).

THE FOURTH DAY AND THEREAFTER - Now the fun begins - the kids get a taste of full contact! Players will be introduced to proper blocking and tackling techniques. The drills will gradually get more intense with each following week.

9. When and where are the games?

We don't receive the game schedule until very close to the 1st game, which will be end of August. Please be patient; the schedule will be given to you as soon as it becomes available to us. Check Schedules or your Team page for your game schedule.

Jamboree - The Jamboree usually is the weekend prior to the 1st game. Each team plays 3 to 4 mini games against different opponents. Each game is about 10 minutes on offense, then on defense. This is a fun event but a long day in the weather; so come prepared with lots of water, chairs, shade, protein-based food, and lots of Wildcat Pride!

10. What is your Refund Policy?

Full refund of a fully-paid registration fee up to the first day of practice.

After the first day of practice, a refund of $50 to a family in the event of a season-ending injury prior to the first game (with a doctor's note).

There are no refunds for members who decide to quit the team.

Full refund may be paid to a player's family if the family moves more than 30 miles from Oak Harbor prior to gear issue.

Who do I contact for questions?

Email: [email protected]

Your designated Team Parent during the season


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