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Oak Harbor Football & Cheer League

Oak Harbor Football & Cheer League


In 2018, the OHFCL has become a member of the North Sound Junior Football League (NSJFL), which is a “high school feeder” model youth football/cheer league.. We are in the process of updating our Bylaws to reflect this change.

2021 OHFCL Bylaws

Oak Harbor Football and Cheer League

Official Bylaws


Article I. Articles of Incorporation

  1. The name of our organization is the Oak Harbor Football and Cheer League, referred to as OHFCL. The venue of our league is Fort Nugent Park in the City of Oak Harbor, Washington. The league mailing address is PO Box 1304, Oak Harbor, WA 98277.
  2. The OHFCL does not maintain a business store front in an effort for all of the money raised from fundraising and registration fees to be directed at the League program benefitting the children and adult volunteers serviced by the league.
  3. The OHFCL will have no paid employees.
  4. The OHFCL will be a not for profit business following all federal and state nonprofit rules.
  5. The OHFCL will be governed by a board of directors elected at the December Executive Board Meeting. When board positions change, the President, Vice President and Treasurer will always be updated with the Secretary of State to ensure accurate information is received at the state.
  6. The OHFCL competes in the North Sound Junior Football League. Any change of league membership requires a 2/3 majority of board members to vote for succession.

Article II. Mission Statement

  1. The Oak Harbor Football and Cheer league is dedicated to the teaching of youth tackle football and cheerleading. The OHFCL strives to ensure children are taught the fundamentals and skills of football and cheerleading in a safe, positive, family-oriented atmosphere. The OHFCL, its board, coaches and members strive daily to foster a fun environment teaching leadership, discipline, sportsmanship and fair-play. It is the hope of the OHFCL that all children who participate in the league develop a love of football and cheerleading.

Article III. Definitions

  1. Executive Board Member - The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Board, minus the President, have full voting privileges on all items pertaining to league business where board members vote. Between regularly scheduled board meetings the Executive Board, minus the President, may be required to vote on items deemed an emergency or necessary for the uninterrupted operation of the league. Any votes by the Executive Board must be unanimous in order to be approved or rejected. Any Executive Board voting will be reported at the next board meeting and can be overturned by a 2/3 majority vote of the full board.
  2. Board of Directors - Members of the Board of Directors include Safety Director, Facilities and Equipment Director, Fundraising Director, Parent Director, Football Coach's Representative, and Cheer Coach's Representative. The Board of Directors have full voting privileges on all items pertaining to league business where board members vote.
  3. Associate Board Member - All head coaches shall be considered Associate Board Members from June-November of each year. During this time period head coaches will have full voting privileges on all items pertaining to league business where board members vote.
  4. Member - Any person registered as a player, coach or volunteer, who has completed registration or been appointed by a head coach as a member. Membership runs from June-November each year.
  5. Parent - Any legal guardian of a person under the age of 18 registered as a player, coach or volunteer.
  6. Spectator - Any person associated with OHFCL who is not a member, parent or board member.


Article IV. Executive Board Position Description, Responsibilities and Powers


Executive Board Positions / term length / expiration on

President - 2 years, odd years

Vice President - 2 years, even years

Secretary - 2 years, odd years

Treasurer - 2 years, even years


Board of Directors

Safety Director - 2 years, odd years

Facilities and Equipment Director - 2 years, even years

Fundraising Director - 2 years, even years

Parent Director - 2 years, odd years

Cheer Coach's Representative - 2 years, odd years

Football Coach's Representative -2 years, even years


Associate Board

Head Coaches of each team - 1 year



Fundraising Committee

Coaches Selection Committee

Grievance Committee

Disciplinary Committee

Bylaws Committee

Scholarship Review Committee


Non-Voting League Positions

Assistant Coach


Chain Gang

Volunteer Coordinator


  1. Structure - The Executive Board is a ten-person board with 9 members having voting rights. The President only votes to break a tie. The president will preside over a quorum. A quorum of 60% or 6 members of the board must be present for an official Executive Board Meeting.


  1. Terms of Executive Board Positions. Each Executive Board Member serves for a length of two years. Board positions are elected at the Annual Open Board Meeting in December. Terms are two years from the December in which an Executive Board Member is elected. Positions are staggered to ensure continuity of knowledge within the organization. The following Positions are elected on odd numbered years: President, Parent Director, Secretary, Cheer Coach's Representative and Safety Director. The following positions are elected on even numbered years: Vice President, Treasurer, Equipment Manager, Fundraising Director and Football Coach's Representative.


  1. Election of Board Members. In an effort to balance the make-up of the board, at no time shall current coaches consist of more than 50% of the executive board.
    1. Nominations for expired or open board positions may be made by the general membership at the December open board meeting.
    2. Nominations for expired or open board positions may be made by the Executive Board anytime an open position exists.
    3. During the open board meeting, candidates wishing to be on the board are given 4 minutes to explain why they would be a good board member.
    4. Existing board members will vote on the candidates for each position. If a sitting board member's position is expiring, they may not vote for their own position.
    5. New officers take immediate office after having been elected.
    6. Executive Board members are elected whey they receive a majority of the votes by the Executive Board. The President will break any ties.
    7. At no time may a board member occupy more than one board position.
    8. At no time may two family members occupy board positions during the same term.


  1. President

The President will serve as Chief Executive Officer of the league and the Chairman of the Board of OHFCL. The President is responsible for overall supervision and management of the organization. Responsibilities include:

  1. Will attend, preside, or designate the Vice President to preside over scheduled board or organizational meetings not chaired by a committee chair
  2. Create the agenda for all Executive or Open Board meetings
  3. Execute all contracts
  4. Enforce all policies and decisions of the organization
  5. Approve all expenses and sign all checks (dispersal of funds) for the organization
  6. Chair or designate a chair for committees to investigate and take action when appropriate regarding complaints, irregularities and grievances
  7. Provide reports to the Board on all grievances, irregularities or concerns investigated by committees
  8. Represent the league in any and all grievances, lawsuits, or public accusation made against the league or any member of the league when appropriate or subpoenaed
  9. Conduct a monthly review of the financial status of the league
  10. Provide an audit of the registration process each year after registration is closed
  11. Manage any player drafts as the final decision maker in all disputes concerning drafts
  12. Represent the league in all public fundraising activities
  13. Authority to suspend any board member until the next Executive Board meeting where membership and position may be discussed and voted on
  14. Does not vote in the course of normal business except to break a tie
  15. May offer opinions on all subjects during discussion
  16. May invite non-Executive Board Members to attend Executive Board Meetings
  17. May invite nonmembers to any meeting where appropriate to present information, analyze issues or provide expert opinions
  18. Authorized to approve all non-members invited to attend Executive Board Meetings
  19. Make rulings on all conflict of interest situations
  20. Authority to make purchases of less than $500 pertinent to the operations of the league without board approval
  21. Authority to pay board-approved invoices



  1. Vice President

The Vice President is a member of the Executive Board with voting privileges in all league matters except in the presence of a legitimate conflict of interest. Responsibilities Include:

  1. The Vice President will act as President in the absence of the President
  2. May appoint a Vice President Pro Tem to serve during an extended absence of the President.
  3. Authority to temporarily remove the President for cause, pending a vote of the Executive Board. (For cause is defined as any actions of an unethical, immoral or illegal nature which threaten the wellbeing of the OHFCL.)
  4. Assume the role of President and serve the remaining term in the event the President is removed for cause or resigns
  5. Is a member of all committees unless it is agreed by the board the VP may opt out of a specific committee
  6. Attends all league meetings unless excused due to prior request
  7. Chairs any Grievance Committee where a grievance is filed against the President or the President is called as a witness
  8. Works with the bookkeeper to perform an annual audit of league finances
  9. Preside over the league's scholarship program working with the Treasurer to award and facilitate scholarships
  10. Authority to make purchases up to $500 pertinent to the league without board approval


  1. Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for all money collected by the league. The Treasurer will act as Chief Financial Officer of the league. The Treasurer must know and understand the financial health of the organization at all times. For a person to hold this position, the OHFCL will perform a background check for an elected person before officially confirming them as Treasurer. All applicants for this position must have background in finance, accounting or business operations that has been reviewed by the board.


  1. Reporting
    1. Present any non-approved expenses for board approval
    2. File Quarterly Tax forms
  • Ensure Organization maintains non-profit status
  1. Work with Accountant/Bookkeeper to ensure compliance for state and federal requirements
  2. Prepare a monthly balance sheet to be presented at all Executive Board Meetings
  3. File all appropriate 501c3 reports and forms with the Federal Government
  • Coordinate with the Fundraising Director to reconcile deposits and receipts
  • Reconcile bank statements and check accounts with online accounting software
  1. Provide annual report with recommendations for improvement
  2. Prepare an annual budget


  1. Money Handling
    1. Responsible for all bank deposits
    2. Organize and schedule all payments to vendors
  • Pay all bills
  1. Reimbursing all approved out of pocket expenses submitted by a league representative
  2. Manage cash flow
  3. Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable activities to collect payments and pay obligations
  • Process any refunds
  • Accepts payments for registration, special orders or league fundraisers


  1. Operations
    1. Pick up or designate pick up of snack shack deposits on a nightly basis
    2. Deposit snack shack revenue
  • Provide an audit of expenses vs. revenue in the snack shack
  1. Responsible for creating procedures for the handling of money in all of our activities including the snack shack


  1. Maintain the online bank account software
  2. Provide President and Vice President with access to online banking and Quickbooks
  • Submit a monthly transaction log to President or Vice President
  • Serve on High School Scholarship Selection Committee


  1. Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for assisting in the operations of the leagueDuties include:

  1. Record and maintain copies of all meeting minutes, mailing lists, and registration data as well as other designated important documents. Documents must be kept for at least 3 years, then may be destroyed with board approval.
  2. File any medical claims with the league's insurance
  3. Oversee the organization and dispersing of the mandated "Coaches Book" for each team.
  4. Coordinate meeting space for board meetings
  5. Organize special events
  6. Serve on Grievance Committees
  7. Serve on High School Scholarship Selection Committee
  8. Perform any other normal administrative tasks associated with the position of Secretary
  9. Create a Saturday Field Schedule and require all Executive Board Members to sign up for their time managing the field on home game Saturdays


  1. Coach's Representative (Football and Cheer)

The position will be filled by two people, 1 football and 1 cheer. This position will preferably be filled by a non-active coach. Responsibilities of the Coaches Coordinator are:

  1. Responsible for organizing and distributing "New Coach" handbook
  2. Actively be recruiting quality coaches
  3. Act as a liaison between the high school and the OHFCL
  4. Establish an off- season training schedule
  5. Implement techniques needed to run a successful team throughout the season
  6. Act as a liaison between coaches and OHFCL board if conflict arises
  7. Will be a voting member on any grievances brought against a coach
  8. Responsible for finding training and continuing education opportunities


  1. Safety Director

The OHFCL recognizes that injuries occur in the practice and performance of football and cheerleading. The Safety Director position is dedicated to ensuring the OHFCL does all it can to prevent threats to its members and league. In addition, when incidents occur, the Safety Director will head a committee to identify if any lessons may be learned from incidents whether they are a sports injury or some other event which may harm the league.


The Safety Director has the authority to stop any drills/practices he deems as unsafe. These drills will be reviewed by President/Vice President, Safety Director and the Coach's Representative to determine if it is acceptable drill for youth football or cheer.


Duties Include:

  1. Update all coaches and board members on the latest techniques for game play
  2. Review cheer policies and any stunting techniques ensuring all proper safety equipment and procedures are followed
  3. Investigate ways to keep members safe with advances in equipment
  4. Identify any threats inside or outside to the league and present findings to the Executive Board or Grievance Committees
  5. Work with coaches throughout the season to progress toward league adopted safety programs, i.e. USA Football Heads Up Tackling Program
  6. Acquire and review all incident reports relating to safety or injuries to identify if action may be taken to prevent future incidents


  1. Facilities and Equipment Director

The OHFCL utilizes a large variety of equipment as well as the Ft. Nugent Park owned by the City of Oak Harbor. The Facilities and Equipment Director is responsible for the management, upkeep and coordination of the equipment necessary for the league to operate. Responsibilities include:

  1. Coordinate with the City of Oak Harbor to ensure the fields are in good shape and the league is in good standing with the city
  2. Coordinate with vendors to ensure the league has the gear needed to perform league activities
  3. Coordinate with vendors to ensure the OHFCL is in good standing with the vendors
  4. Manage the distribution of gear
  5. Have a process to track all checked out gear
  6. Create coach's bags
  7. Track all gear that is community gear and all gear checked out by teams
  8. Report to the board on all gear needing to be replaced
  9. Request from the board any equipment which will benefit the league
  10. Schedule the use of all practice and game facilities
  11. Create a schedule for field lining and distribute it to the head coaches
  12. Responsible for applying for equipment grants available to the OHFCL


  1. Fundraising Director

The OHFCL has many expenses. In an effort to keep the registration cost as low as possible, the Fundraising Director is to utilize fundraising events to raise money for the league. The Fundraising Director is responsible for:

  1. The creation of a Fundraising Committee
  2. Scheduling and management of all fundraising events which support the OHFCL
  3. Working with the Treasurer to create money handling procedures within the fundraising activities including the snack shack
  4. Must have all fundraising activities approved by the Executive Board before the activities may be executed
  5. Report on fundraising activities at all board meetings for the period since the last board meeting and a running tally of fundraising to date
  6. Request from the board and coaches help in all fundraising activities
  7. Coordinate promotion of all fundraising activities
  8. Responsible for applying for financial assistance grants available to the OHFCL
  9. Responsible for ensuring all scholarship awardees fulfill their volunteer obligation to the league.
  10. Serve on the High School Scholarship Selection Committee



  1. Parent Director

The OHFCL realizes its role and impact on the family unit. The league fosters a family environment of compassion tempered with what is best for the league. The role of Parent Director is to bridge the gap between league operations and family interactions. Any individual filling the role of Parent Director should possess the ability and have experience working with individuals of all backgrounds. He or she must also demonstrate patience, and conflict resolution skills. Responsibilities include:

  1. Attend all board meetings
  2. Assist the President in all duties relating to interaction with children (members), their parents or coaches
  3. Be a member of all Grievance Committees
  4. Report any incidents or complaints to the President within 24 hours
  5. Be the liaison between Child Protective Services, Oak Harbor Police or any other organization which may be contacted by the league in the case of on field or off field incidents
  6. Be aware of custody issues where a child may be threatened
  7. Present the code of conduct to the Players and Parents of all Football and Cheer Teams
  8. Assist Secretary in drafting parent code of conduct infraction letters
  9. Review grievance forms and/or sign off in an effort to resolve concerns in an informal manner
  10. Maintain all signed documents for parent, player, & coaches code of conduct including infraction letters (must be kept for up to 3 years, then may be destroyed)
  11. Be a liaison for team moms
  12. Host monthly open meetings with team moms and parents during the season to allow for effective communication between the parents and board



Article V. Non-Voting League Positions

  1. League Photographer/Videographer. In the event the opportunity presents itself, the Executive Board may appoint a League Photographer/Videographer. This person will be vetted with our volunteer process and will be allowed sideline freedom as long as they don't interfere with the duties of players, coaches or referees. This person will have no interaction with coaches, players, chain gang or referees and may be removed at the request of any of these people if their presence becomes a distraction.


  1. Assistant Coach. All assistant coaches will adhere to the coach's code of contact. Each head coach is responsible for all of their assistant coach's behavior. Assistant coaches will conduct themselves in a way which represents the league in its best light. There may be up to 5 assistant coaches per football team, 2 per cheer team.


  1. Chain Gang. All members of the chain gang will pass the league background check. Chain Gang members will not speak to referees for any reason unless the referee initiates the conversation.


  1. Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator will help find members of our community to volunteer wherever needed throughout the year. He/she will be the liaison between the OHFCL board and volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for keeping time logs for volunteering and providing volunteer service letters when needed.


  1. Background Check. All adults who will be in contact with minors are required to have a completed background check prior to them interacting with members of the OHFCL. All coaches, board members or parent volunteers must comply. In the event an issue is found the following criteria will be applied:


  1. Did the person commit a crime against a child
  2. Did the person commit a crime that involved a child
  3. Did the person commit a drug or alcohol related crime
  4. Did the person commit a felony
  5. Does this person have an extended criminal background
  6. How much time has elapsed since the crime was committed


If the answer is yes to any of these criteria, the adult will be asked to leave the field and the President of the league will determine if the volunteer will be allowed to maintain their status as a league volunteer


All OHFCL league volunteers in any capacity will sign Code of Conduct and Non-Disclosure Agreements



Article VI. Scholarships


  1. The OHFCL provides a limited number of registration scholarships and two high school scholarships each year. The following details how scholarships will be awarded and how the league determines the number of scholarships available.


  1. At the beginning of each registration cycle the league will allot up to $2000 in partial scholarships


  1. Registration Scholarship Criteria
    1. Scholarships will be allocated 2/3 to football, 1/3 to cheer in proportion of the league participation
    2. Scholarships will all be partial scholarships valued at $100.00. Each recipient's family is responsible for working 5 days in the snack shack during practice or making arrangements with the board to provide an equivalent value to the league
    3. No families will receive scholarships two years in a row for the same child
    4. Families receiving scholarships must pay the balance in full prior to the first practice
    5. Only families where students receive discounted or free lunches at school are eligible and families must provide a document from the school district demonstrating participation in the school lunch program
    6. All parents receiving scholarships will sign the scholarship acceptance form provided by the league detailing their scholarship and responsibilities
    7. In the event a family receives a scholarship and refuses to adhere to the terms of accepting the scholarship including missing schedule snack shack volunteerism then the family will be removed from the league for all future seasons and the player will be removed from the team. Further, the family will be barred from future admission to the league until the scholarship is repaid in full.
  2. High School Scholarship Criteria
    1. Must be a graduating senior from Oak Harbor High School
    2. Must have spent at least one season with the OHFCL
    3. Must complete high school scholarship application
    4. Scholarships will be awarded to one former football player, and one former cheerleader
    5. Scholarships will be $500 non-renewable




Article VII. Committees


  1. Fundraising Committee - The Fundraising Director will develop a fundraising committee. This committee will be charged with raising money through various fundraisers. All activities of the fundraising committee must be approved by the Executive Board prior to starting the activity.


  1. Coaches Selection Committee - The Coaches Selection Committee will be comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Coach's Representative, and Facilities and Equipment Manager. This committee will interview and select the head coaches for each team. The goal of the OHFCL is to have the head coaches selected by March 1. Coaches will re-apply each season and go through an interview process. A coach will be selected based on a 5 person majority vote. There is no guarantee that a returning coach will be placed in the same age bracket, or move up to the next age bracket.


  1. Grievance Committee - The Grievance Committee will hear any grievance brought by an Executive Board Member, Associate Board Member, Member, or Parent. This committee will be comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Parent Director with the President having final decision-making power over grievances.


In the event a member of the committee has a conflict of interest with the grievance filed, they will excuse themselves from the committee and the President (or Vice President) will appoint another Executive Board Member to the committee.


From time to time, there may present a reason to create the grievance committee of more than the normal members. In this case, the presiding chair (President or Vice President) may select relevant people from the league membership to comprise a fair grievance committee.


  1. Disciplinary Committee - All disciplinary actions will be decided by the President and Vice President. The President will report to the Executive Board on any actions of the Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary Committee may implement any punishment they deem reasonable up to and including suspension and expulsion from the league. Any expulsion must be approved by the Executive Board.


  1. High School Scholarship Selection Committee - The High School Scholarship Selection Committee will be comprised of the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Fundraising Director.


  1. Bylaws Committee - The Bylaws Committee will be comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Any potential changes to the Bylaws of the OHFCL will be submitted to this committee in writing. The committee will decide if modifications are needed and will choose to bring or not bring the proposed changes to the full board. All decisions of the Bylaws Committee will be made with the best long-term interests of the league in mind. Bylaws will be reviewed on odd years to ensure continued compliance. Changes to the Bylaws require 2/3 majority vote.


Article VIII. Revenue Management


  1. OHFCL will maintain a bank account at a bank in Oak Harbor, WA.


  1. The bank account will be managed and balanced by the elected Treasurer of the OHFCL.


  1. The President and Treasurer will have access to a debit card to pay bills which require a credit card.


  1. The President, Vice President and Treasurer are the only members of the league with charging privileges. All charges over $500 must be approved by the Board of Directors. All charges under $500 must be reported at board meetings and receipts must be provided.


  1. The President, Vice President and Treasurer are authorized to sign checks.


  1. All funds must be deposited into an OHFCL bank account.


  1. Multiple bank accounts may be used for special needs including fundraising events such as a tournament requiring money to be managed in a separate account. The President, Vice President and Treasurer will have access to all accounts.


  1. No cash will be taken from snack shack drawers to pay for supplies. If supplies are needed, a board member must purchase the supplies and submit the receipt for reimbursement.


  1. No teams may solicit funds in the name of the OHFCL or any previous names of the league. All fundraising funds must be deposited into the OHFCL treasury.


  1. Any NSF checks will be assessed a $40 NSF fee to cover the expense of a returned check.


  1. The OHFCL will conduct an annual audit performed by a licensed accounting firm to certify the books are in order and compliant with these bylaws.


Article IX. Organizational Rules

The OHFCL is part of the North Sound Junior Football League. There are two different selection method styles, draft and select. This will be determined by the board prior to the start of registration.


Drafting players/team selection

  1. Coaches automatically may have their child on their team. The league limits the number of coach's exemptions to two per team. These two players can only be coach's kids. After two players, the head coaches must work with the President to ensure a fair distribution of talent.
  2. Draft order is determined by a coin flip.
  3. After the third round of the draft, whichever team has fewer guaranteed players will take two players per round until the teams are balanced.
  4. Only the head coach and one assistant of each team will be allowed to participate in the draft.
  5. Returning players are automatically posted to the team they played on the previous year unless rule 9.6 applies.
  6. If a returning player feels strongly they wish to change teams, the parents of the player must submit a letter to the Coach's Representative or Board of Directors prior to July 15 stating this desire. The Coach's Representative, President and Vice President will determine if this move is for legitimate reasons and not intended to stack a team.
  7. In years where an additional team is added to a division all players must return to the draft and participate in the season's draft camp.
  8. In the event of an A/B (Varsity/JV) format all the returning players will be reentered into the draft each year. The head coach of the A team will select his team (up to 26 players or half of the available players within that age group, whichever is less) after the second full week of practice. The head coach of the B team will coach the remaining players. If a player is selected to be on the A team but previously played for the B team, that player has the option to return to the B team.
  9. Age Appropriate Participation. All players will play and cheer in the age appropriate divisions created by the NSJFL. The following are the only exceptions.

Playing Up

  1. If a football player is deemed to have the physical ability to play one age division up, they may do so if they are within one year of being eligible for the upper division.
  2. A cheerleader may cheer up if they are within 1 year of the eligible age division and have a sibling on the football team, this will be determined case by case.
  1. Rosters - Rosters are locked after the first weigh-in at Jamboree. Until the NSJFL season is over, players will not move teams or float on teams. Rosters may be adjusted for post season tournaments at the Board of Directors discretion.
  2. Team Cap - Each team in the OHFCL will have a limit of 26 kids per team. In order to have two teams the OHFCL will need 42 registered players. If the limit of 26 kids has been reached a player will be placed on the wait list until a second team is established.
  3. Minimum Play - The OHFCL is a developmental league and will require each player on the PeeWee and 89ers teams to receive a minimum of 10 plays. Juniors must receive a minimum of 8 plays and Bantams and Seniors required to receive a minimum of 6 plays. If a team exceeds the team cap limit the minimum play requirements may be adjusted on a sliding scale based on the amount of players on the team.
    1. Concussion Protocol - The OHFCL Board of Directors, coaches and parents will abide by the league's concussion protocol at all times
  4. Registration Fees - The registration fee is set by the OHFCL Board of Directors and is due in full prior to a child being allowed to participate in league activities including receiving equipment.
  5. Refund Policy - The OHFCL will provide a full refund of a fully paid registration fee up to the first day of practice. After the first day of practice, a refund of $50 may be provided to a family in the event of a season ending injury prior to the first game. There are no refunds for members who decide to quit the team. Only a note from a licensed physician detailing the physical injury will result in a refund. A full refund may be paid to a player's family if the family moves more than 30 miles from Oak Harbor prior to gear issue.


Article X. Day to Day Operations

  1. Limitation on Coaches. There will be no more than six coaches allowed on a football team, three per cheer team.
  2. Violations of the OHFCL Code of Conduct. All board members, coaches, parents, and league participants are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct. Any behavior displayed or action taken that creates a negative impact towards the OHFCL will be handled by the Grievance or Disciplinary Committees.
  3. Board of Directors Behavior Expectations. At no time will a Board Member utilize their position as a Board Member to gain favor or evoke power for any personal benefit. Board Members whose actions are unbecoming will be suspended from the Executive Board immediately at the discretion of the OHFCL President. The remaining Executive Board members will vote on permanent removal of the suspended board member.
  4. Coaches Behavior Expectation. Coaches will comply with the Code of Conduct at all times. At no time will a Coach utilize their position as a Coach to gain favor or evoke power for any personal benefit. Coaches whose actions are unbecoming or in violation of the Code of Conduct can be sanctioned or removed from their coaching position immediately at the discretion of the OHFCL President or Grievance or Disciplinary Committee.
  5. Player Discipline. In the event a player violates the player code of conduct, coaches will determine the appropriate discipline to be administered to the player. Coaches disciplinary options include physical training, benching (for a half), and suspension for a game. If the coach chooses to bench or suspend a player, the coach must provide a statement for this punishment and how it is appropriate for the player's violation of the code of conduct. In the unlikely event a head coach wishes to expel a player from their team, the coach must meet with a quorum of the Board of Directors to hear the grievance.
  6. Bullying, hazing or other forms of initiation will not be tolerated by players, coaches or volunteers. If a person is bullied, threatened or made to feel unsafe, they are to report this behavior to a board member immediately. The board will meet to take emergency action to ensure this behavior is stopped and the person responsible counseled or expelled from the league.
  7. Immediate Membership Termination. Because some misconduct warrants skipping steps in the discipline process, the OHFCL reserves the right to immediately terminate membership or skip any steps deemed necessary in the discipline process to protect the welfare of the children (members) of the OHFCL. The decision of the OHFCL Grievance Committee in this process will be final and binding.
  8. Cancellation of Practice. At times the OHFCL may need to cancel practice due to inclement weather or smoke. This decision will be made the Safety Director and every appropriate action will be taken to notify parents in a timely manner.


Article XI. Miscellaneous Provisions


  1. Notification to the Police/Child Protective Services - In the event a volunteer is found to be convicted of crimes against children, the OHFCL will notify the Oak Harbor Police Department of the application. In addition, if any coach or league representative receives information regarding a player's safety at home, the league will contact CPS and the Oak Harbor Police Department immediately. All investigative activities will be performed by the appropriate authority and not members of the OHFCL.


  1. Grievance Procedure - Any member, parent or board member may file a grievance with the Board of Directors. There is a $35 fee to file a grievance. Grievance's must be for specific actions taken by a person involved with OHFCL believed to be in contrary to the league code of conduct or the intent of fairness within the league.


The President or Vice President will preside over the Grievance Committee and will make every effort to have a hearing within 10 days of the filed grievance.


If the grievance is found to have merit, then the $35 fee will be returned. There is no appeal from Grievance Committee decisions.


  1. Social Media - Social media is to be used by all board members, coaches, members and parents in a positive way. Any use of social media which may be shown to a board member which depicts the league, its coaches or players in a negative light will be considered a violation of the parent, coaches or player code of conduct. Intentional or unintentional violations of this policy will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee. To avoid multiple team pages the Board of Directors will assign pages, with all admin rights to be removed at the end of the season.


  1. Creation or Elimination of Positions - From time to time, the Board of Directors may feel the need to create new board, executive board or volunteer positions for the betterment of the league. The board has the ability to create a non-voting position with a majority vote. To create or remove Board of Director position, 2/3rds of the current board must vote in support of this action.


  1. Post-Season/Pre-Season Tournaments - Teams may play pre and post season tournaments with the following conditions.
  • Participating in the tournament does not violate league or affiliation policies.
  • Tournament is run in an ethical, safe manner.
  • Board must approve the play
  • Board will determine if any or all of the tournament fees will be paid for by the league.
  • Tournament does not interfere with any league or affiliation activities.


  1. Indemnification - The Oak Harbor Football and Cheer League insurance may indemnify its Board of Directors and head coaches against lawsuits or action taken against them for their performance of league activities. The Grievance Committee will convene to determine whether use of league resources is justifiable.


  1. Bylaws changes or amendments: The OHFCL Board of Directors reserves the right to amend these bylaws as outlined in Article VII section 6.


Article XII. Concluding Statement


  1. OHFCL is dedicated to the development and teaching of Football players and Cheerleading. The league fosters a family environment and encourages good sportsmanship, fair play and a positive play environment.



Supporting Separate Documents


Coaches Agreement Version 12/09/14


Scholarship Acceptance Form Version 12/09/14


Conflict of Interest Statement Version 12/09/14


Grievance Policy Procedures Version 12/09/14


Background Check Authorization Form


Non-Disclosure Agreement


Code of Conduct


Concussion Protocol


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