Safety Initiative

Player safety has always been a cornerstone of the Oak Harbor Football and Cheer League. This year the OHFCL is building on that foundation to provide a fun and challenging environment that places the safety of football players and cheerleaders first and foremost. There are several new initiatives in player safety that the OHFCL is very excited to introduce this year that we are confident will strengthen our program. I'm Mark Cribb the safety officer and Heads Up Football Player Safety Coach and I would like to outline several of these programs.


This year we are requiring all football coaches become certified through USA Football. On the cheerleading front we will be providing training opportunities for our cheer coaches to become stunt certified.

Heads Up Football is USA Football's national initiative to help make the sport of football better and safer. A comprehensive collection of resources, programs, applications and promotions to create change and address the complex challenges of player health and safety in youth and high school football.


  • Education & Certification
  • Equipment Fitting
  • Concussion Recognition & Awareness
  • Heat & Hydration
  • Heads Up Tackling

The OHFCL is excited about being recognized as a USA Football Heads Up league. Heads Up leagues are required to have all coaches certified and have a Player Safety Coach. The player safety coach will hold a clinic on Heads Up tackling for coaches and parents to reinforce the concepts of proper tackling.

Guardian Caps

The executive board of the OHFCL has made protecting players from serious head injuries our number 1 priority and feel that the guardian cap is another tool in trying to reduce concussions. The guardian cap is a protective shell that is worn on the outside of the helmet. The guardian cap reduces the impact force that is felt on the head when the helmet comes in contact with anotherobject. There is no product available that can prevent a player receiving a concussion and the guardian cap will not eliminate concussions from youth football. We feel that the guardian cap, along with stressing the techniques of Heads Up Football, will help us achieve our goal of sufficiently reducing head injuries.

This year the OHFCL has purchased 30 Guardian Caps and will be outfitting the senior team with these caps. All players on the senior team will be required to wear these caps for practices. Player will not be allowed to participate in practice if they do not have a helmet equipped with the guardian cap.

Parents and players at the other divisions are encouraged to purchase their own guardian cap and any player who has a guardian cap will be allowed to wear it for all practices. The league has teamed up with the Guardian company to offer a promotion code to receive $10.00 off the purchase of the guardian cap for anyone who wishes to buy one.


This year the OHFCL is requiring all coaches and team moms to become CPR/AED qualified in order to volunteer in these capacities. The league is in the process of acquiring an AED that will be located at the field for use in an emergency situation. Training in CPR and AED is being provided by Rob May, a local EMT, who is volunteering his time to help the OHFCL. The next training is set for July 12th @ 12:30 following the agility camp.


This year the OHCFL would like to kick off a program that would provide medical assistance on the sideline for all league games. We are asking for parent volunteers who work in the medical community i.e. (Sports Trainers, Nurses, PA, and Doctors) to volunteer on game days to work our sidelines to treat and diagnose injuries to our players. Please see Mark Cribb if you are interested in volunteering in this capacity.

General Information

Welcome to the Oak Harbor Football and Cheer League (OHFCL). Our League is a member of the North Sound Junior Football League (NSJFL), which is a "high school feeder" model youth football/cheer league.

2019 Registration and Refund Information:

  • Registration is open now until 8/1
  • Cost until 6/15 (for football and cheer) - $225.00 per participant
  • Cost after 6/15 to July 15th (for football and cheer) - $275.00 per participant
  • Cost after July 15th is $300.00
  • Boys AND girls can register for football; girls AND boys can register for cheer.
  • We currently DO NOT offer a sibling discount for having multiple children in the League
  • Refund policy (per current OHFCL Bylaws):
    • Full refund of a fully-paid registration fee up to the first day of practice
    • After the first day of practice, a refund of $50 is given in the event of a season-ending injury (prior to the first game AND with a doctor's note)
    • There are no refunds for members who decide to quit the team
    • Full refund may be paid to a player's family if the family moves more than 30 miles from Oak Harbor prior to gear issue

Scholarships (please refer to the OHFCL Bylaws on this site for more details):

  • Scholarships will all be PARTIAL scholarships valued at $100.00. Each recipient's family is responsible for working 5 days in the snack shack during practice or making arrangements with the board to provide an equivalent value to the league.
  • No families will receive scholarships two years in a row for the same child.
  • Only families where students receive discounted or free lunches at school are eligible and families must provide a document from the school district demonstrating participation in the school lunch program.
  • Families will not discuss their scholarships with any other person in the league except for a member of the Executive Board.
  • All parents receiving scholarships will sign the scholarship acceptance form provided by the league detailing their scholarship and responsibilities.
  • In the event a family receives a scholarship and refuses to adhere to the terms of accepting the scholarship (including missing schedule snack shack volunteerism), then the family will be removed from the league for all future seasons and the player will be removed from the team. Further, the family will be barred from future admission to the league until the scholarship is repaid in full.

Age Groups:. The player's/cheerleader's age on 7/31 shall be the player's/cheerleader's league age for the current season UNLESS specified otherwise. No 15-year-olds or 9th-graders are allowed to play in the OHFCL and the NSJFL.

  • Seniors - 13 & 14-year-olds
  • Bantams - 12-year-olds
  • Juniors - 10 & 11-year-olds
  • 89ers - 8 & 9-year-olds
  • Peewees FOOTBALL - 7-year-old (MUST be 7 by 10/1)
  • Peewees CHEER - 6 & 7-year-olds (MUST be 6 by 7/31)

Important (TENTATIVE) Dates for the 2019 Season:

  • June date to be determined - Cheer uniform fitting - Location TBD; attend just one of the options provided
  • Date TBD - Coaches' meeting - @ Location and time TBD
  • Date TBD- Pictures
  • 7/13 - Agility Camp - Ages 6-15; 9am-12pm @ Ft. Nugent Park
  • 7/20 - Agility and Cheer Camp - Ages 6-15; 9am-12pm @ Ft. Nugent Park
  • 7/20- Cheer Uniform Fitting @ Ft. Nugent Park
  • 7/13 -Agility camps; CPR/First Aid for coaches right after Agility Camp
  • 7/22 - Gear issue - Bantams @ Ft. Nugent Park; 5-7 pm
  • 7/23- Gear Issue- Juniors @ Ft. Nugent Park; 5-7pm
  • 7/24 -Gear issue - 89ers @ Ft. Nugent Park; 5-7 pm
  • 7/27- Waffle Fundraiser @ Flyers Restaurant 8AM-11AM
  • 7/29 - Gear issue - Seniors, PeeWees and all others who missed their Gear Issue Date @ Ft. Nugent Park; 5-7 pm
  • 7/29- 1st Day of practice @ Ft. Nugent Park 5-8pm
  • Summer Schedule is Monday-Friday 5-8pm
  • School Schedule (beginning September 1st) is Tuesday-Thursday (two hours per practice)
  • 8/10-Car Wash Fundraiser @ Safeway
  • 8/17 & 8/18 - Jamboree in Snohomish (times and place TBD)
  • 8/24- First game of the season (place and time TBD)
  • 10/19- Last regular season game
  • 10/26- First playoff game/Bowl Games
  • 11/02- Semi Finals
  • 11/09- Championship
  • Start of school - The rest of 2019 schedule posted (PLEASE BE PATIENT as we coordinate with other Leagues/Officials; we will share the schedule as soon as it is given to us)