2021 Football Season Important Dates
Posted Jul 25, 2021

OHFCL Parents, 

 As of 9/4/2021, the WA State Governor’s Office, WIAA and Department of Health are NOT requiring players, coaches, or spectators to wear masks at training or games, although they may chose to wear one. Physical distancing among spectators is strongly encouraged. We will continue to follow the guidance of these three offices with regards to the health and safety of players. Should any new guidelines come out that effect players, coaches, or spectators at training or games, this document will be updated and redistributed

NOTE: Certain counties, clubs, or field providers may have tighter restrictions in place that may involve mask mandates, etc, and it is the responsibility of the hosting club to notify opponents in advance of what rules are in place.  


When an athlete is diagnosed with COVID-19:  

Have the player stay home and isolate for 14 days.

If the infected player was in contact with their team within 48 hours of diagnosis (date of positive test or date of symptom onset) – whichever was earlier), notify the, Coach and OHFCL Safety Officer at ohfclsafetydirector@gmail.com that “someone” on the team has tested positive for the virus (do not reveal name of infected individual). 

Outdoor activities are considered low risk exposures and do not require quarantine unless >15 minutes of contact with the infected individual within 6 feet over 24 hours, or other special circumstances (ie, carpool, social or indoor exposure). Each player may choose to be tested for COVID-19 (especially non-vaccinated players).  

If the infected player played in a game with their team within 48 hours of diagnosis, COVID Contact must notify the opposing team immediately with suggestions as above.

Infected player cannot return to practice or games until they have written medical clearance from their physician. 


No player that is sick or has signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 should attend. PRACTICE, Helmet facemask SHALL BE worn. 

Wait until prior game’s teams have vacated the area before entering the space.  

Use hand sanitizer before and after the game.


No parent/guardian/caregiver or player that is sick or has signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 should attend.

Spectators should remain socially distanced as much as possible.

Do not loiter around field. Avoid gathering of people.


No coach that is sick or has signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 should attend. 

Maintain physical distance (>6 feet) as much as possible. 

Make sure that your team has left the field within 5 minutes of the game ending. 

Thank you all and look forward to seeing all of our athletes on the field. 

V/RShane Cardon



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